Douro mainland

ang San, a disciple of the Tang Dynasty, was not allowed to steal his studies from the inside, but when he jumped from the cliff, he found that he had not died. Instead, he came to another world, a world belonging to the spirit of martial arts, named Douro mainland. There is no magic, no fighting, no martial arts, but magic. Everyone here, at the age of six, will awaken the warrior soul in the martial arts hall. Wu spirit has animals, plants and implements, and martial spirit can help people's daily life. Some of the most outstanding military spirits can be used for training and fighting, this profession is the strongest and most glorious on the land of Douro "ghost master".

Little Tang three began his spiritual training in the holy ghost village, and sprouted the dream of revitalizing Tang gate. When the Tang Dynasty implements came to the Douro continent, when the spirit of Tang Sanwu awakened, could he recast the glory of Tang Dynasty in the world of the spirit of Tang Dynasty?


The mainland crossing of the continent.

Bashu, has always had the reputation of the land of abundance, of which the most famous sect is Tangmen. ()

Tangmen is a mysterious place. Many people only know that it is a halfway up the mountain, and the top of the mountain where Tangmen is located has a fascinating name.

Throw a stone from the cliff of Ghosts, and you will hear the echo of the bottom of the rock at the bottom of the nineteenth. It is high because it is 19 seconds, and it is still more than eighteen layers of hell. It is named after it.

A young man in a gray coat is standing in the shadow of a ghost. The mountain wind can't make his body move. He can recognize the big Tang word from his chest. He comes from Tangmen, gray. The clothes represent the disciples outside the Tangmen.

He is twenty-nine years old this year. He was born in Tangmen shortly after he was born. He was ranked third among the disciples of the outside discipline, so the foreign disciple called him three. Of course, in the mouth of the inner disciple, it became Tang San.

Since the establishment of Tangmen, it has been divided into two internal and external doors. The outer door is a foreigner or a disciple of the Tang family. The inner door is the direct family of Tangmen and the family inherits.

At this time, Tang San’s face was very rich, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, but in any case, he could not cover his heartfelt excitement.

Twenty-nine years, since the twenty-nine years ago when he was returned to Tangmen by the elders of the outer door, Tang Lan, he was the home of Tangmen, and the hidden weapon of Tangmen was his everything.

Suddenly, Tang San’s face suddenly changed, but it quickly relieved. Some bitter self-talking said: “There is still coming.”

Seventeen figures, seventeen white figures, like a star pill jumping from the mountainside toward the top of the mountain, the owner of these seventeen figures, the youngest is more than fifty, one look dignified, they wear The white robe represents the inner door, while the golden Tang word on the chest is the symbol of the elders of Tangmen. ()

The Tangmen Inner Gate Presbyterian Church, including the head of the Tang Dynasty, has a total of seventeen elders. At this time, it is also the 17th. Even the Wulin Conference can't alarm the entire elders of Tangmen at the same time. You must know that among the elders of Tangmen, the oldest ones have already surpassed two.

The repairs of these elders of Tangmen, all of them have been degraded, but they have only turned to the eye, they have already reached the top of the mountain.

The outside disciple saw the elders of the inner door, only to sneak in to meet, but at this time, Tang San did not move, he just quietly watched these elders with a dignified face come to themselves, blocking all the way, and Behind him, it’s a ghost.

Putting down three Buddha's anger Tanglian, Tang San cast a last resentful glance, and a smile of relief appeared in the corner of his mouth. After all, he succeeded. After working hard for 20 years, he finally completed the peak of the Tang family's outer door hidden weapon. The achievement of satisfaction is not to be described in words.

At this moment, Tang San feels that for himself, everything is no longer important. It is also a violation of the rules of the door. It seems that all of them are coming to an end with the three blooming Tanglians. The most overbearing hidden weapon in the world was born in his own hands. What more exciting than Tang San who made this life in the hidden weapon?

"I know that stealing into the inner door, stealing the crime of learning the door is unforgivable, and the rules of the door are not allowed. But Tang San can swear to Heaven, and never sneak out any point that has been stolen from the outside world. I said this, I don't want to be tolerant of the elders. I just want to tell the elders that Tang San has never forgotten this. It has not been, and it has not been."

Tang San’s mood was calm at this time. Perhaps this was the most calm time of his life. Looking at the large courtyard of Tangmen at the mountainside, I feel the air that belongs to Tangmen. Tang San’s eyes are wet. Since the day he was sensible, he can say that he was born for Tangmen, and at this time, he should go to Tangmen for the pursuit of his life.

The elders did not speak, and they have not yet been able to wake up from the appearance of Buddha's anger Tanglian. Two hundred years, for two hundred years, Buddha Rage Tang Lian appeared in the hands of a foreign disciple. What does this mean? This is the dominance of the world, and even the world's hidden weapon that Tangmen himself can't resist is definitely the coming of another peak of Tangmen.

Looking at the elders bowing their heads, Tang San smiled. "Everything in Tang San is given by Tang Men. Both life and possession are given by Tangmen. Whenever Tang Sansheng is Tangmen People, death is the ghost of Tangmen. I know that the elders will not allow me to leave the body of a foreigner who violated the rules of the door in Tangmen. If so, let me bone in this nature. ”

The calm and even excited voice of Tang San finally awakened the elders. When the elders looked up at him, they saw a layer of milky white air spreading from him.

"Xuan Tian Bao Lu, you even learned the highest internal strength of the door in Xuantianbao?" Mr. Tang said with a voice.

A bang banged, and when the elders retreated at the same time to prevent accidents, they saw Tang San, who was full of body.

Tang San smiled, his smile was very bright, "** Come, ** go, Buddha anger Tanglian is the gift that Tang San finally left to the door. Now, except for me, I have not taken it away. Anything in Tangmen, the cheats are under the first brick in the door of my room. Tang San will return everything to Tangmen now."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..." Tang San Yang laughed wildly and slammed backwards. At this moment, the elders of the Tangmen suddenly found that there was no one to stop him, his body in white light, The ghosts rushing to the front, the tall, high-spirited body vacated and headed for the clouds in the mountains.

"Wait a minute." Mr. Tang finally reacted, but at this time he said that it was already late.

The clouds were very thick, with a burst of moisture, took away the sun, and took away the Tang San who would contribute to Tangmen and the hidden weapon for a lifetime.

Time seems to have stagnated. Mr. Tang’s hands trembling and holding the three Tanglian in front of him, his eyes are wet. “Tang San, Tang San, why are you suffering? The surprise you brought us is too much. ......"

"Big brother." The two elders stepped forward. "Why must you hurt this traitor?"

Mr. Tang’s eyes turned cold in an instant, and the whole body was chilly. He despised the two elders. “Who are you a traitor? Have you seen a traitor who will not escape after getting the highest cheats? You have seen a traitor. Death Mingzhi? Have you ever seen a great weapon with enough to destroy any master of Tangmen, but gave him as the last gift to Tangmen? Tang is not a traitor. He is the best genius of this door for two hundred years."

The second elder stayed, "But he stole the door..."

Mr. Tang Da suddenly interrupted, "If you can also make Buddha anger Tanglian, I can ignore whatever you steal. You are wrong, I am wrong, just before the moment, we actually watched Tangmen again. A brilliant opportunity to slip away from the front."

The elders of the crowd surrounded them. Their looks were very complicated, confused, sad, sighing, and more regrettable.

"You don't have to say anything, pass me to order, and let the disciples of the whole family be dispatched. The ghosts will see the next three, and they will see the people, and they will see the dead. At the same time, from this moment, Tang San is promoted to the present. The disciple of the door, if he is still alive, will be the only heir to my position."

"Yes, the head." The elders also obeyed at the same time.

If Tang San is still on the cliff at this time, he can still hear Mr. Tang Da’s words. Even if he is dead, he will be very happy. His efforts have not been in vain. However, it all came too late.

When the ghost sees it, it takes 19 seconds to throw a stone. It seems to surpass the existence of the 18th floor hell. How can it allow a living person to be released by the cloud? Tang San left, he left the world forever, but his other fate has just begun.

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